Empower Women - Change the World!

EmpowerHer is a program that aims to provide leadership training, networking, and mentoring opportunities for women, to help them develop the skills and confidence needed to take on leadership roles and make a greater impact in their communities and workplaces.


The program will be open to women of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in developing their leadership skills and making a positive impact in their communities and workplaces.

Leadership training

The program will offer a variety of leadership training opportunities, such as workshops, seminars, and webinars, on topics such as communication skills, conflict resolution, decision-making, and strategic planning. The training sessions will be led by experienced professionals in the field of leadership development.

Networking opportunities

The program will provide opportunities for women to connect with other like-minded women in their community and industry, through events such as networking happy hours, panels, and conferences. The program will also facilitate online networking through a private online community for participants.

Mentoring program

The program will match participants with experienced female mentors in their field, to provide one-on-one guidance, support, and advice on career development and leadership. The program will provide training and resources to both mentors and mentees to ensure a successful and productive mentoring relationship.

Community involvement

The program will encourage participants to get involved in their local communities and to use their leadership skills to make a positive impact. This may include volunteer opportunities, community service projects, and advocacy work.

Program evaluation

The success of the program is evaluated through participant feedback surveys and progress reports submitted by mentors and mentees.