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ClotheHer is a program that aims to provide business attire to women who are in need, to help them prepare for job interviews and advance their careers. 


The program will be open to women who are actively seeking employment or are currently employed but do not have access to appropriate business attire. Women who are referred by partner organizations, such as job training programs, women's shelters, or community groups, may also be eligible.

Donation collection 

The program will rely on donations of gently used business attire from individuals and businesses in the community. Donation bins will be placed at convenient locations, such as shopping centers, office buildings, and community centers. The program will also accept monetary donations to purchase new clothing items or cover program costs.

Clothing distribution

The program will partner with local organizations, such as job training programs or women's shelters, to distribute the donated clothing to eligible women. Participants will be able to make an appointment to visit the program's "closet" and select business attire that is appropriate for their industry and position. The “closet” will also have a mobile option that will be available for participants that do not have available transportation.

Program support

The program will provide additional support to participants to help them prepare for job interviews and advance their careers. This may include workshops on interview skills, resume writing, or professional networking, as well as mentorship opportunities.

Program evaluation

The success of the program is evaluated through the number of women served and feedback surveys from program participants.